Strategic partnership

The North Italian based company Prinoth enters into a strategic partnership with Leica Geosystems to integrate machine control for efficient ski slope management.

Ski resort operators are facing new challenges to save on natural resources for snow grooming. Two best-in-class manufacturers have entered into a strategic partnership to improve the ecological footprint of ski areas. Leica Geosystems, global provider of measurement and visualization technologies and a specialist in machine control, is collaborating with the North Italian based company Prinoth, one of the leading producers of snow grooming machines and tracked utility vehicles, to achieve greater efficiency in grooming slopes, dramatically reducing fuel consumption and emissions and considerably reducing costs.

Prinoth has chosen the proven technology of Leica Geosystems, adding iCON alpine 3D machine control to its new snow groomers starting this winter season. The pioneering Prinoth snow groomers set new standards in terms of performance, fuel efficiency and reduced emission levels. They will be the first in the world to be equipped with this revolutionary machine control technology for snow depth measurement.

Accurate and efficient snow depth measurement

To make snow grooming as efficient as possible, it is important to know the exact depth of the snow under the vehicle. Prinoth’s new snow groomers have iCON machine control, which directly measures snow depth and delivers real-time data to the display in the cab. The system enables operators to respond to snow conditions immediately in order to prepare perfect slopes. That saves time and costs, improves safety on the slopes and also reduces the amount of water and energy needed for slope preparation, dramatically decreasing the customer’s ecological footprint.

Office visualization with web-based solution

The iCON alpine is a complete management solution for the ski resort infrastructure. The system supports the exchange of snow depth information and current working status on the mountain among all groomer operators in real-time. The data can also be transferred in real-time via a web server to and from any third party GIS snow management solution, such as Alpine PRO, for detailed analysis of snow depth and management.

Proven machine control solutions from Leica Geosystems

Construction sites have been managed with the help of iCON machine control by Leica Geosystems for many years now, and the offering has an impressive track record of improved productivity and the optimum use of resources. The iCON alpine software has now been adapted and iCON machine control’s proven technology further developed for use in snow depth measurement.

Andreas Muigg, Head of Program & Product Management at Prinoth says: “We are proud to announce this strategic partnership. The accurate sensors transfer snow depth information beneath the blade to the display in the cab in real-time, thus enabling snow groomer operators to take pro-active decisions – and not just react.”

"We are thrilled about our strategic partnership with Prinoth, which allows us to bring innovative and technologically advanced measurement services to ski resort operators," says Johan Arnberg, President of Leica Geosystems Machine Control Division. "By including iCON alpine 3D machine control on Prinoth's renowned snow groomers, ski service professionals are not just reducing costs and improving efficiency but also consolidating their role as stewards of the environment."

Perfect snow management through precise snow depth measurement is now also available with the Prinoth Leitwolf. Photo: Prinoth

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