Prinoth's Leitwolf is a high tech solution for piste grooming

A world champion

The Leitwolf is a world champion when it comes to performance, efficiency and sustainability.

Steep slopes, tricky transverse crossings, and deep troughs – none of these are a problem for the Leitwolf. Thanks to the parallel offset of the Power tiller and its excellent track width (the largest in its class), it guarantees perfect, long-lasting slope quality. Its high-tech diesel engine is not only the most powerful ever but it also satisfies the most stringent exhaust emission regulations, making the Leitwolf a world champion when it comes to performance, efficiency and sustainability.

In the wild, wolves have leaders – the highest-ranking and strongest animals in the pack. Prinoth’s Leitwolf (which translates as “Leader of the pack”) more than lives up to this name, too. This efficient snow grooming vehicle is built on tradition yet geared toward the future. Since it was first launched 12 years ago, continuous improvements in detail and technical advancements have made it into one of the most well-known and successful snow groomers in the world. 

The Leitwolf takes the outstanding properties of the previous model and refines them in all kinds of ways, ensuring an even better snow grooming performance that goes far beyond simply preparing the technical conditions of the slope. It offers powerful drive and tremendous climbing ability combined with maximum grooming performance, exceptional handling, superb efficiency, low operating costs and top results in terms of environmental compatibility. Another key advantage is the intuitive instrumentation, which has been implemented across the entire fleet. This enables drivers to switch between the various models in the latest generation of snow groomers without any problems.

The Leitwolf offers more, better and faster slope preparation

Winter sports enthusiasts want top-quality slopes, and so do the people who run the ski resorts. However, they also need to make sure that their slopes are prepared efficiently and cost-effectively. The Leitwolf is the ideal solution. It has a track width of almost 4.5 meters – 294 millimeters wider than comparable vehicles in its class – meaning that it can prepare a larger surface area within a shorter space of time and save a considerable amount of fuel too. Its active undercarriage can be raised to reduce or increase the track working surface. Reducing the working surface allows maximum maneuverability, while increasing it improves the vehicle’s climbing ability and pushing performance. 

Maximum power coupled with top emission values

The Leitwolf is absolutely world-class under the hood, too. The six-cylinder diesel engine has an output of 390 kW with 530 hp and generates a torque of 2,460 Nm. It is the world’s first production vehicle in its class to meet the new Stage IV/Tier 4 final exhaust emission standard and offers an impressive reduction in fine particle and nitrogen emissions.

Perfect pistes thanks to the unique parallel offset of the tiller

The Power tiller paves the way for long-lasting fun on the slopes, allowing people to enjoy them right up until the sun goes down. An impeccable finish is guaranteed even on difficult terrain thanks to the parallel offset of the tiller. The lateral offset ensures a perfect slope surface across the entire width of the slope without roughing the edges, even when driving at an angle. The driver can determine the type of trailing characteristics of the tiller himself and select parallel offset or free trailing mode depending on the situation, which opens up completely new possibilities for snow grooming.

4.5 t pulling force with the Automatic winch

The Leitwolf is significantly better and more efficient than other snow groomers in various other areas too. The Automatic winch with a pulling force of 4.5 t, for example, has been adapted to ideally suit the vehicle. The central position of the winch’s pivot point ensures neutral driving behavior that is not influenced by the winch itself. Power is optimally distributed between the winch and the traction drive, leading to a substantial improvement in preparation performance. The Leitwolf’s impressive features also include automatic Wincontrol pulling force control, a central seating position with individual control over the tracks by means of a steering lever, and a premium light package with LED technology for optimum illumination.

Individually custom­izable blade control settings

Various blade control settings allow the driver to adapt the vehicle to perfectly suit their way of working. On the Leitwolf, for instance, this can be used to control both movement speed and the braking and start-up behavior of the movements. The diesel engine can be used in the lower speed range without reducing working speeds. This solution reduces fuel consumption. 

Technical Data LEITWOLF:

  • Meets the Stage IV/Tier 4 final standard, the benchmark for the cleanest exhaust emissions
  • 390 kW / 530 hp
  • 12.8 l diesel engine
  • 2,460 Nm torque
  • Power tiller with unique parallel offset
  • Track width: 4.5 meters
  • Automatic winch with 4.5 tons of pulling force
  • Wincontrol pulling force control
  • Premium light package featuring LED technology 
Perfect pistes thanks to the unique parallel offset of the tiller

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