Stadium atmosphere in the finishing area of the steep Gran Risa run in La Villa, where men's World Cup races were held for the thirtieth time in December 2015.
New ropeways

An upgrade for Alta Badia

The successful partnership between Alta Badia and Leitner continues with the installation of the new La Fraina detachable six-seater chairlift. In combination with the 30th edition of World Cup ski races on the Gran Risa run in La Villa, that was cause for celebration.

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For many years, Alta Badia has been one of the leading ski resorts in the Alps. As Alta Badia's partner of 70 years' standing and a leading ropeway manufacturer, the South Tyrol-based company Leitner Ropeways has played a key role in the successful development of the ski area. It all started in 1947 with the construction of Italy’s very first chairlift, which served Col Alt near Corvara (and was replaced by a Leitner 8-seater gondola lift in 2006, see ISR 8/2006, p. 12. Leitner also developed the motor used for the drive for the single-seater chairlift, which was built by the famous ropeway pioneer Erich Kostner.

In collaboration with the Skicarosello Corvara consortium, Leitner has since delivered many more ropeways to Alta Badia over the decades. “Right from the start, Skicarosello was a visionary pioneer with the courage to innovate. We see ourselves as partners; we have overcome challenges together and that has strengthened the bond between us. This is a partnership in which we help and learn from each other,” says Anton Seeber, member of the Board of the Leitner Group, with regard to the successful partnership. 

Leitner was also awarded the contract for the latest upgrade at Alta Badia: The La Fraina detachable six-seater chairlift links La Villa and San Cassiano and provides a direct connection to the red trail on Piz Sorega. Built as a replacement for a fixed-grip quad, it offers a modern standard of comfort and a transport capacity of 2,400 pph, which makes it a big attraction in this part of the ski area. For a vertical height of 210 m, the new chairlift has a line length of just under 800 m. It is fitted with Leitner's low-noise DirectDrive, which derives its high level of efficiency from the absence of a primary gearbox.

The La Fraina detachablesix-seater chairlift linking La Villa and San Cassiano provides a direct connection to the red trail on Piz Sorega.

TECHNICAL DATA: La Fraina detachable six-seater chairlift

  • Line length 769.90 m
  • Vertical height 210.40 m
  • No. of towers 8
  • No. of chairs 38
  • Transport capacity 2400 pph

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