Four solutions – one look! Starting this season, users will find SNOWsat Fleet, SNOWsat ToDo, SNOWsat GIS and SNOWsat Z on the same map and will thus be able to read and evaluate relevant data even more easily
Photo: Kässbohrer Geländefahrzeug AG
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Click, get started, see everything

The SNOWsat developers spent the summer taking suggestions and requests from customers and making further improvements with respect to the user-friendly interface and easy evaluation

In SNOWsat, we put particular emphasis on understanding the workflows and processes of our customers. As a result, we can design our solutions in a way that allows necessary information to be called up quickly. To make operation easy, all solutions now have the same look. As was done with ToDo, GIS and Z in the last season, the interface of SNOWsat Fleet has also been adapted to match the other solutions. All four solutions are based on the same map, have the same basis of information and communicate with each other. The uniform structure and seamless presentation of the information means that all the required data can be called up at the click of a mouse. There is no need to constantly switch back and forth between screens.

And if you still get lost despite all the simplification, you can get to the SNOWsat online help from any screen. It provides information on how to use the currently displayed view. The information is specific and focused, meaning you don't need to search.

Making the vehicle data even easier

Another innovation is the complete merger of SNOWsat CAN and SNOWsat Fleet. All vehicle and fleet data is interconnected and can be displayed using your choice of maps, tables, diagrams or graphs. The display of the CAN data on the map allows the user to accurately track the places in the ski area where there are abnormalities at the vehicle.

Software solutions from the industry – for the industry

Kässbohrer unconditionally relies on SNOWsat and is a reliable partner in software development – with internal developers and proprietary products that are very specifically tailored to our industry. We need customer input so that we can live up to our standard of offering comprehensive solutions that provide real added value in everyday practice. This is the only way for SNOWsat to keep its promise of being a strong partner in the digital future as well.

Photo: Kässbohrer Geländefahrzeug AG
Listening in order to understand suggestions and requests from its customers and then implementing them – and getting it right. This past summer, many improvements to the software once again emerged from this process.
Photo: Kässbohrer Geländefahrzeug AG

Further innovations at a glance

Other SNOWsat solutions have also been enhanced with several new features over the summer:

  • SNOWsat ToDo:
    The new scenario planner now allows users to create task sets for recurring scenarios, thereby saving a great deal of time when preparing for world cup races, for example.
  • SNOWsat snow management:
    A new function allows users to analyze the snow surface and depth with even greater accuracy based on a slope profile and to selectively adapt both grooming and snowmaking methods.
  • SNOWsat GIS:
    SNOWsat GIS makes it possible to calculate lengths and areas as they are being plotted. Changes can be published retroactively as well.


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