Smart Travelling Solutions

Wide range of rope-hauled and track-based cars and cabins.

In 2013 CWA is offering one of the widest and most varied product portfolios on the market for rope-hauled and track-based cars and cabins. The Swiss company’s carriers also come with a choice of optionals that have proved their reliability and effectiveness over the years under the most diverse operating and climatic conditions.

The standard and the optionals

CWA’s Omega IV is a good choice for any circulating ropeway operation. The Omega series comprises cars for between four and sixteen passengers, with three different cabin heights. Omega IV cabins are also suitable for use on reversible installations. The standard version of the Omega IV has gray polycarbonate windows, carpet-covered folding bench seats and backrests, drop windows in the doors, aluminum floors with enhanced non-slip properties, and passive interior ventilation.

The scope for individual customer choices is very high, with no fewer than twelve option categories available, including printed upholstery in various colors, internal and external lighting options, infotainment systems, ventilation or air-conditioning systems, individual color schemes for the cabins and so on.

Individuality as standard

The wide range of choices available to customers is well illustrated by the case of the Bana Big Ropeway in Vietnam. The contract was for 86 Omega IV‐10 SI cabins, which were delivered in January 2013. Of the 86 cabins, ten were supplied with glass floors and ten with the Safari option (with wooden slat seats and chrome steel bars instead of glazing) for a unique ride with a fresh-air feeling. The Safari cabins were also finished in individual color schemes using up to three colors per carrier.

Infotainment and power supply

There is growing demand today for infotainment facilities in ropeway cabins. CWA has a solution for every taste in combination with the right power supply.

The Emirates Air Line cable car in London, which opened in 2012, connects Greenwich Peninsula and the Royal Victoria Docks. It transports pedestrians and cyclists quickly, safely and comfortably across the Thames at a height of 50 m above the ground. It is the UK’s first urban aerial ropeway and is well integrated into the public transport network for London and beyond. The 36 Omega IV‐10 LWI cabins are equipped for maximum comfort and convenience including an electric active ventilation system, which can be adjusted in accordance with outside temperatures.

The on-board infotainment system has everything the heart desires. The display can be used to provide a wealth of services, including public transport information. Videos can be downloaded and viewed via a Wi-Fi antenna on request. The interior lighting and video monitoring systems, and the emergency power supply for all other electrical components are supplied with electricity using supercaps.

Smart customer solutions – ventilation and air-conditioning

CWA cars and cabins are not only deployed in winter mountain resorts. The wide range of models and optionals available makes them equally successful for summer operations and tropical regions. One of the many choices offered is between an active electrical ventilation system and one of three different air-conditioners.

The Bana Big Ropeway (Vietnam), Photo: CWA

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