OITAF Seminar in Innsbruck

On April 11, 2013 (the 2nd day of the Interalpin trade show) Congress Innsbruck hosted a seminar organized by OITAF Committee no. 6 on the subject of “The operation of ropeway installations in exceptional operating conditions – experiences and measures".

The 2013 OITAF Seminar, for which 184 participants had registered, was officially opened by OITAF President Martin Leitner. He started off with thanks to the organizers of Interalpin for supporting the seminar before requesting one minute’s silence for two recently deceased members of the international ropeway community, namely Jean-Pierre Cartiard, long-serving President of the international Association of Ropeway Manufacturers, who died in February of this year, and Hannes Steinlechner, Technical Director of Arlberger Bergbahnen, who was due to make the second presentation at the seminar but regrettably passed away on 29 March shortly before his retirement. Martin Leitner then expressed his gratitude to OITAF Committee no. 6 (Optimization of Ropeway and Ski-Tow Operations) for organizing this year’s seminar and passed the floor to committee chairman Mauro Joyeusaz, who then chaired the further proceedings. The program included six presentations devoted to various aspects of the seminar topic “Operation of ropeway installations in exceptional conditions”.

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OITAF President Martin Leitner and seminar chairman Mauro Joyeusaz (from the left). Photo: J. Nejez

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