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Smart solutions for ski resorts of the future

The Axess RESORT.SOLUTIONS offer smart solutions to manage operations for ski resorts of the future. All-in-one approach reduces administrative overheads and supports successful management. The full-service package includes streamlining ticketing, parking, ski rentals, lockers and ski school. This offers visitors the most convenient way to enjoy a perfect day's skiing.

Locker management made by Axess. The Axess RESORT.LOCKER solution permits easy integration of Locker systems. The booking, billing and administration of the Lockers is handled centrally in the application. The Axess management tools RESORT.LOCKER MANAGER PRO and RESORT.LOCKER MANAGER PURE offer uncomplicated administration of the Locker systems. The Locker key is an RFID smartcard and can be added to your RFID lift ticket for ease of use.
The user interface RESORT.LOCKER MANAGER PRO is already integrated in Axess systems and can be used with Axess SMART POS.  RESORT.LOCKER MANAGER PURE is designed as a stand-alone version outside of an Axess system and can be used in hotels, ski shops and tourist offices.
Administration and reporting are performed via an intuitive user interface, which displays reports of locker status, rentals and bookings and provides control of the authorizations. The locker can also be operated via the interface.
The RESORT.LOCKER SERVICE PANEL serves as a self-service station for visitors. In combination with an Axess SMART PAD 600 it is possible to see the location of the locker, select the locker and open the lock for others sharing.

The RESORT.RENTAL solution is the key to a fast and effective rental process. Administration of customer data, inventory and billing takes are handled in one and the same system. Visitor registration and equipment reservation are performed online via the webshop or by means of the RESORT RENTAL.CHECK IN in the shop. The collected data is stored centrally on the RESORT CUBE and made available to all stations in the rental shop.
The group management feature is a simple tool for issuing equipment to larger groups at once. Users can choose from three modes of payment: advance payment using PAY FIRST, payment prior to collection of the equipment with PAY LAST, or deposit management and payment on return of the equipment via PAY AFTER.
This full service system offers effective shop management and professional customer analysis. Since all data is managed centrally, it is also possible to combine several outlets and exchange rental inventory by connecting several RESORT.CUBES to the Axess DATACENTER.

Axess RESORT.LESSONS provides simple integration of ski school management into the Axess RESORT SOLUTION family. The simple TIME.MANAGEMENT displays time slots available when booking to guarantee optimum capacity utilization for ski instructors.
The booking is forwarded to the ski instructor's mobile phone via Axess INSTRUCTOR.ASSISTANT. With the booking-on-the-fly feature, short-term bookings can be made locally using a smartphone. A message is sent to the ski instructor with the information that one hour has been booked at short notice plus all the relevant details such as time, meeting place and the client's name.
It is also possible to post to an Axess SMART POS via the check-in console. Large groups can be pre-booked using a CSV file.
An overview of the workload and the type of hours booked is provided through a reporting feature. There is also an option to print a diploma or lesson report or forward it to the client via a mobile phone on successful completion of the ski course.
The feedback inquiry and assessment of the quality of the ski lesson are handled via email and SMS. The intuitive operation of the interface means training employees is simple, while the clear evaluation results are displayed on a dashboard.
For visitors, Axess RESORT.LESSONS is a highly convenient solution for coordinating ski or snowboard lessons either before arrival from home or spontaneously on site.
At the time of booking, the visitor simply has to click a few items to book the time, the type, the ability level and the meeting location. After the confirmation email, the lesson is deposited in the RESORT.LESSONS and the skiing fun can begin.

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