New functionalities for the Snow How software offer perfect organization in the field of snow grooming.
Photo: Prinoth
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Taking off with Snow How

Task Manager and Maintenance Overview, the two new Snow How software applications from snow groomer manufacturer Prinoth, save time and money.

With Snow How from Prinoth, it is easy to always have everything under control. All snow groomers are displayed with their current location and status. This keeps the user up to date with regard to work completed and vehicle maintenance. Everything is designed to save time and labor with the help of the application.

More efficient ski area management

Thanks to the new Snow How functions Task Manager and Maintenance Overview, ski areas can now be managed even more efficiently. The two web-based applications are just as user-friendly as the entire Snow How software, with all data displayed in real time. Should the Internet connection at the ski resort be interrupted, access to all functions is maintained based on the status from last intact connection.

More than a to-do list

The Task Manager function is more than a to-do list for the whole ski area: With the Task Manager, jobs can be created and assigned to members of the team with a simple mouse click. No matter what is involved – the snow grooming, the lifts or the snowmaking system – everyone in the team has a clear overview of the work to be done and the current status of the various items.

The Task Manager has an integrated Projects Tool, which puts time recording on a new level. With the well-structured tracking feature of who has worked on a project, when and for how long, internal and external billing is simplicity itself.

Maintenance management made easy

No more tedious operating hour records compiled from five different files using pen and paper: With the Maintenance Overview function, groomer maintenance is practically on autopilot. All live fleet management data, including vehicle and winch operating hours, are linked in the Maintenance Overview. The maintenance intervals for the snow groomers are also stored in the program. The data is used to calculate upcoming maintenance and automatically create a maintenance schedule for each vehicle so that users can see at a glance what maintenance is due for which vehicle. The application subsequently shows when the maintenance was carried out and what work was done on the vehicle as well as listing the next steps and providing a reminder for the next maintenance job.

It is easy to lose track of all of the manual entries, orders and documentation involved in maintenance work. But with Snow How Maintenance Overview, all the required information is just a mouse click away for all the relevant activities in the ski area complete, with notes, time lists, attached documents etc. All the data is available at all times on every end device, with a back-up on a central server.

Photo: Prinoth
The new Task Manager and Maintenance Overview make it easy to keep an eye on all the relevant aspects.
Photo: Prinoth
Photo: Prinoth
With the Snow How software, the data is displayed in real time on the terminal device.
Photo: Prinoth

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